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For those who have read Journeys of the Heart–Mary’s Story, some have been asking us how they might better help friends, family members, co-workers or clients, as Tom did with Mary. We believe the journey isn’t complicated, though difficult at times, if we would but take the time to start listening and loving our own heart first.

What do you mean by Training Events?

We would like to start offering training weekends where a small group of people gather together with Tom and other Team members who are already walking with others in their journeys. Our purpose would be to provide some basic teaching, discussions, and modeling what the journey is all about.

What does a Training Event look like?

We would best describe the training as primarily experiential. The Journey is best experienced together as a group, as a picture of community, than it is hearing a bunch of lectures, taking copious notes and putting the notebook on the shelf once you return home. These Events can be tailor made to fit your own group if you’d prefer a closed Training.

An open Training is where people gather at one location. This may consist of a Friday morning thru a Sunday afternoon, almost 3 full days. We would have short times of talking about certain aspects of the Journey. There would be times where Tom or a Team member would model with a participant what that Journey may look like walking with their heart. There would be opportunities for questions and answers after a session is completed. There would also be lunch and dinner times together to get to know and share with others in the Journey.

Who can attend a Training Event?

The first requirement is that you’ve read Journeys of the Heart–Mary’s Story. This gets all of us on a similar path. If you are seeking training to help in your own journey, we will ask you some further questions about your journey during the registration process. If you’re coming to learn better how to walk with others, we welcome you! Last but not least, we would welcome any counselors, therapists, social workers, pastors, prayer ministers, missionaries, and any others in people helping vocations.

Your effectiveness walking alongside others will always be contingent upon how well you walk with your own heart first. The Journey of the Heart isn’t a therapeutic model. It’s a way of life, rooted and grounded in love for yourself and for others.

How can I be a part of a Training Event?

At this time, we are asking interested people to contact us by clicking here. We will start seeing where those interested are located geographically and begin to put some Trainings together in various cities in the near future. It would help me in your email to mention where you live, are there others beside yourself who would be interested in attending, and why you would like to attend—be it for your own journey and/or so you might better walk with others in their journey.

What costs are involved to attend a Training Event?

This will vary depending on the specifics of the Training and the number of days the Event would last. The Groups would range in size from a minimum of 10 to not more than 25 and the individual costs would vary accordingly. If you were to request a closed Training, one that is for your own select Team to be trained by us, then a flat fee would be determined for that Training. You would need to check the registration for a specific Training location.

Training Events will be Coming in 2013

If there are any additional questions you have about Training Events that are not answered here, please contact us at:

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