Mary’s Story

Sharing Mary’s Story with Friends and Family

We are currently promoting this book through word-of- mouth and believe the message of it and others to come is needed and wanted in our day. We are all about getting the message of the heart out to as many people as possible and could use your help. We are marketing the book through the relationships of people you know and may see on a regular basis. Your referral of Mary’s Story will get the message out the quickest.

We are excited to offer some tools that may help you in promoting the message within this book to your family, friends, co-workers, or even total strangers. To the left, you will see two items you can download to your computer, The Promo Card and The Preview.

The Promo Card is an electronic version of the printed Promo Card. The front side of the card is the cover to Mary’s Story. On the reverse side is the synopsis you find on the back cover of the book. Along with the synopsis is the web address for someone to further discover more about Mary’s Story and how to order a copy for themselves or for friends.

The Preview is actually the first 23 pages of the book. It includes Readers’ Reviews, Table of Contents, the Foreword, Introduction and all of Chapter One. This will give someone a good sampling of Mary’s Story.

You can attach these downloads to emails or to Facebook Messages for your friends. Might we suggest putting a positive review of Mary’s Story on your Facebook Wall, along with the web site address for the book?

There are also printed Promo Cards for your use. You can receive these complimentary promo cards when placing a book order. It is a 4x6 card, nicely printed on both sides in full color. Two of these cards will actually be inserted loosely in every book purchased. These cards come in a pack of 25 and can be handed out to those you would recommend the book to. Besides giving these cards to family and friends, we have had some people request to leave them at their place of business in a break room or lounge area. Maybe you have contacts with organizations like battered women’s shelters, homeless shelters, or nursing homes. Maybe your doctor’s office, chiropractor, or massage therapist would allow you to leave some cards on the tables in the waiting room. If you can, give a copy of the book to these places also.

Thank you for your support and promotion of Mary’s Story.

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