Mary’s Story


Loving Your Hearts Communications LLC was formed as a company in April 2012 to publish its first book, Journeys of the Heart–Mary’s Story. It is a fact based novel on the topic of sexual abuse. The author, Tom Gale, has come alongside to help many women in the USA and around the world who have experienced such trauma in their childhood. Mary’s Story is the compilation of 20+ years of women’s stories and experiences as they have journeyed to discover their hearts and see them restored. Mary’s Story has spoken to all readers, not just those with an abuse background.

Besides writing the book to bring attention to a worldwide problem impacting all of us today, Tom and his wife, Jan, continue offering help as time permits, to those who are victims of this horrible reality.

The reason we share this with you is because the majority of people Tom and Jan are currently helping via phone sessions, skype sessions, texting sessions, emails, Individual and Group Intensives, are unable to pay for these services. Would you consider helping Tom and Jan help others by paying for some of the sessions others are in need of?

If you click here, the Shopping Cart page will open up where your donations will be received thru PayPal. If you have any questions regarding Donations to help others in their Journey, contact Tom directly at

Note: We do want to be clear, these donations are not tax-deductible. LYHC and Journeys of the Heart are not 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organizations with the IRS here in the United States.

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