This Resource is for those who want to go deeper in hearing and healing their own hearts. Intensives are explained in Journeys of the Heart–Mary’s Story. In the book, Mary went through her own 5-day Intensive as others came alongside her and her heart’s journey. We would like to offer several types of Intensives for your own personal benefit. We know there are many of you who, like Mary, have experienced a similar story of childhood abuse and would like someone to walk alongside you.

Individual 3 to 5-Day Intensives

These individual intensives are similar to what Mary experienced in the book. You would most likely come to our location for 3 to 5 days of sessions or we could travel to your town. Each day would consist of 2-3 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the afternoon, with a lunch break in-between. The evenings are left open for personal reflection and rest.

The focus in every session would be upon you and your story, your journey. You would be meeting with one or two Team members who have been walking in their own heart journey and are well equipped to help you in your journey. We highly encourage you to bring a supportive friend with you for the Intensive.

3-Day Intensives are usually over a weekend, Friday through Sunday. 5-Day Intensives usually run Monday through Friday. These can be flexible though based upon your needs and our availability.

Individual Skype or Phone Intensive – 1 to 5 Consecutive Days

To try to help keeps costs down, the most economical Intensive we offer is the Skype or Phone Intensive. It would consist of 1–5 days in length with three Journey sessions a day-one in the morning and two in the afternoon.

We would recommend, if possible, that a supportive friend be with you in person as we walk with you during each session.

Group 3 or 5-Day Intensive

Similar to the Individual 5-Day Intensive, the Group intensive is for 5+ people who gather together with everyone receiving some Journey time. This Group may consist of 5+ people you don’t know or it may be a Group that each person knows everyone else. It might be all women or men, or it may be a mixed group, depending on what type of Group the person registers for.

The Group of 5+ people would meet with two Team members, following a similar schedule of 3 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the afternoon. The evenings are left open. In contrast to the Individual Intensive, the person will probably only receive one session a day since there are many people in the group. During meal times together each day, there will be opportunities to dialogue on the sessions everyone was able to observe and participate in. Some would consider the Group Intensive a combination Intensive/Training.

Specialty Group 5-Day Intensive

This will be identical in style and structure as the Group Intensive except it will be very intentional where those participating share similarities in the Journey. For example, a Group of women who have all experienced sexual abuse. Another Group may be just for women who don’t feel safe having any men in the Group except for a team member. Other group examples include co-workers in an office, a counseling staff or a pastoral staff. Call us with your ideas for Group Intensives.

Who may participate in an Intensive?

Anyone 18 years old or older who has read Journeys of the Heart–Mary’s Story and has been approved through the registration process.

NOTE: LYHC has the final decision on who can attend any Intensive.

Are there Intensives for Children?

A child, along with a parent or guardian, may attend an Individual Intensive as long as the child is the one receiving the sessions for their heart’s Journey. Childcare is otherwise not available. Please contact us for further information about your child receiving their own Intensive.

What costs are associated with an Intensive?

Costs will be determined for you individually depending on which Intensive you choose, the number of days, and Group size. This will be made clear at the point of registration. Click here for the general costs.


Click here for registration information or to be put on a waiting list for future Intensives that come available.

What follow-up is provided after an Intensive?

After finishing up a 5-Day Intensive with us, a common question we hear is, “What’s next?” For 5 days, you experienced varied and frequent times of discovering parts of your heart and connecting with them for the first time. We recommend a transitional follow-up time of weekly sessions for the first 30 days.

All of us have lived a lifetime neglecting, ignoring and dismissing our own hearts typically because we have been so focused on others and their needs. The Intensive provided a foundation being laid where you took time out for your own heart for once. We call this a paradigm shift because most of us haven’t given much time to ourselves in this Journey of life. We have lived in a cultural and/or religious paradigm that has told us how others are more important and we are last. Not so anymore!

The Journey with your own heart is the most important thing you can focus on. Until we start truly discovering our own heart and loving ourselves, our relationships with everyone else will be lacking.

During the next 30 days, we’d like to schedule weekly skype or phone sessions where we continue walking alongside you in your Journey with your heart. The sessions will be similar to the ones you experienced during the Intensive. If you find you need sessions more than weekly for the follow-up, we will schedule according to your needs expressed. We will also be available to respond to any texts or emails during the in-between times. After the 30 days is complete, the aftercare will continue as you find need and make the requests. Each person’s need for assistance in their Journey will vary. There is no right or wrong to the number of follow-up sessions you might request. We will continue to support you in your Journey per your requests, as time permits.

The session times will be billed at our regular rate of $75 for up to 2 hours.

As you have heard us say before, and we can’t say it enough, the Journey of the Heart is a lifestyle of discovering yourself and loving the one you discover. That love is what will transform who you are more than any other paradigm out there. You deserve to be loved. You are an invaluable gift to this world!

We need your input on what your needs are regarding these Intensives. You can contact us at: with your comments, questions, and suggestions. Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: None of the Team members who walk with you claim to be mental health professionals, counselors or therapists. All advice given comes from their journeys with their hearts and the journeys they have walked with others. We cannot guarantee the results of these services. Psychological services are not provided through these sessions. Using this service does NOT imply a client-facilitator relationship. If you or someone you know is having an emergency, call 911 immediately or go to your nearest Hospital Emergency Room.

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