Costs for an Individual Skype or Phone Intensive

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The Cost for 1—5 Consecutive Days

The Cost per day will be $300. You just let us know how many days you’d like.

The Daily Schedule

There will be one morning Session and two afternoon sessions. The evenings are left as a time of personal rest and reflection of the day’s journey with your heart.

Having a Support Person

Because we are not literally in person with you, we highly recommend you have a caring friend or family member be with you during each session. We were created to not walk alone in this life and as one journeys with their heart, having a safe, trusting friend by our side is a huge strength.

The Deposit

A Deposit in the amount of 50% of the total Intensive cost is required once a date has been established to hold your place in our schedule. This will be Invoiced to you and payable to us through our PayPal account.

When is Payment Due?

The total cost for your Intensive, less the deposit, will be Invoiced to you through PayPal once a date has been set on the calendar. This is due, in-full, prior to the beginning of the 1st day of your Intensive.


If you need to cancel the Intensive, a minimum 14-day advance notice via email is required. The deposit will be refunded back towards your credit card. Deposits will be forfeited if a cancellation is made in less than 14 days. If an Intensive is scheduled less than 14 days before the first session, the deposit is non-refundable.

If we, for any reason unforeseen, need to cancel the Intensive, your deposit will be refunded in full to your credit card or you could apply it towards another Intensive at an agreed upon future date.

Please contact us at with any questions or clarifications you may have about this Request Form.

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