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Even though the in-person Intensive is ideal, we know the costs may not be affordable for everyone. Below are the Costs for all the Intensives being offered by Loving Your Heart Communications, LLC.

  1. Individual Intensive in-person
    1. 3-Day Intensive     $1,200 plus expenses
    2. 5-Day Intensive     $2,000 plus expenses
  2. Individual Skype or Phone Intensive — 3 Journey Sessions a day at $300/day
  3. Group Intensives —
    1. This cost would vary depending on the size of the group. You would be receiving one Journey Session a day within the Group. There would usually be 5+ people in the Group.

    2. 3-Day Intensive $300-500/person, plus traveling and living expenses
    3. 5-Day Intensive $500-700/person, plus traveling and living expenses
  4. Individual Skype or Phone Sessions
    $75 for the 1st two-hour Journey Session, possible sliding scale for additional sessions
A Deposit is required for any Intensive

A Deposit in the amount of 50% of the total Intensive cost is required once a date has been established to hold your place in our schedule. This will be Invoiced to you and payable to us through our PayPal account.

Ways to come up with the Costs for your sessions
  1. Ask friends or family to consider helping you out financially
  2. Ask your local church if they have a benevolence fund that might help you
  3. We accept credit card payments through our PayPal account
What if I can’t afford the Costs associated with an Intensive?

Please contact us by clicking here to discuss your financial situation. We will be in touch with you to see if there are any other options we might offer to help meet your needs.

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