Crystal’s Story

Let's Dream Out Loud for a Minute...
Let's dream out loud for a minute...

Crystal’s Story painted the picture of a small group of teens gathered together on a regular basis, at first in the park and then in a home. They gathered because they felt it was a safe place to be real. They didn’t have to dress a certain way, look a certain way, or fit into anyone else’s boxes of conformity. They were free to be themselves. They experienced true love and acceptance from one another in spite of their unique characteristics.

Do you long for such a safe place? Would you love to gather with other teens in your area like Crystal and her friends did? Wouldn’t it be something if more adults like Bonnie and Betty stepped forward and opened their homes to teenagers? Teenagers feel so invisible to most adults these days. Where are the adults who will step back into the lives of teenagers and receive them for the gift they are to this world?

Is it possible to start a group as teens? Yes, and it comes naturally out of having relationship with others. Maybe it will start small with just three or four kids. That’s okay. It’s not about how many kids come but about the love and acceptance being experienced among them. All of us need others in our lives; those who will see us, accept us, listen to us, and love us. Who are the few others you know whom you might ask to meet with in a park, at a coffeehouse, or in a home? Maybe reading Crystal’s Story together and discussing it would be a good starting point for your group.

May your heart find others in the journey, longing to discover who they are as well as be discovered. We would love to hear your stories of meeting with a group of peers to walk together in this journey of the heart. You can contact me directly by email at:

Love does heal!

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