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  1. The hours of Consultation are to be primarily used in helping you help others in their Journey. This time may be used for personal use as long as it equals less than 50% of the total time purchased.

  2. The phone and Skype sessions will be pre-scheduled. Time used will be rounded up to the nearest quarter hour. For example, a call that lasts 20 minutes will count as 30 minutes.

  3. Emails will be answered within 24 hours and charged a minimum of 15 minutes each or actual time greater than that in quarter hour segments. For example, if it takes 25 minutes to write an email response it will count as 30 minutes. Tom will have at his discretion to not answer any email if he feels it’s best to discuss the email via Skype or phone. If that occurs, you would get an email response within the 24 hour period, requesting a live consultation with him. No time will be charged for the brief email response.

  4. This service is billed and paid ahead of time. In other words, if you choose the 5 hour plan, you would contact and request such. You would then receive an Invoice requesting payment via credit card in the amount of $300 through our PayPal account. Once payment is received, the quarter starts. You will be billed automatically once you have only 1 hour of paid time left to be used or 1 week prior to the quarter’s expiration, whichever comes first. You will always have to make the next quarterly payment through our PayPal account. There will be no automatic payments made on our part. All Invoicing will come through Loving Your Heart Communications, LLC and payments made to them through PayPal.

  5. Unused hours previously purchased are not transferable to the next quarter, nor refundable. Time purchased and not used is considered void at the end of the quarter.

  6. LYHC, LLC has the right to refuse this service to anyone it chooses. It may also stop service once payment has been made, refunding all unused portions of the purchased time. The refund will be issued back to the original form of payment from the subscriber.

  1. DISCLAIMER: None of the Team members who walk with you claim to be mental health professionals, counselors or therapists. All advice given comes from their journeys with their hearts and the journeys they have walked with others. We cannot guarantee the results of the advice given through conversations between you and a Team Member. Psychological services are not provided through these Consultations.

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